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Vacation in Batumi – 7 days

Vacation in Batumi – 7 days

395€ / per person
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The main attraction of Batumi is the Seaside Park-Boulevard.

In the park you can relax, visit numerous cafes and clubs, as well as a large number of playgrounds and attractions for children. The park makes more attractive its famous singing fountains. Here also is fine tennis courts. The park offers a beautiful view of the sea.

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights.

Price include:

Transfer from / to the airport.

Accommodation in 3 * hotel (double/twin room).

Walking tour in Batumi.

Price do not include:

Visit Botanical garden.

Visit Batumi Dolphinarium.

Visit Trinity church and Gonio.

Visit Makhuntseti waterfall and wine tasting.

Need to know:

  • Beaches of Batumi are municipal and absolutely free.
  • Practically everything in Batumi starts working from 10 am.
  • Always cross the road very carefully, even at a pedestrian crossing.
  • To change money in street exchanges is quite safe, and the rate in them is often more profitable than in banks.
  • In the whole Georgia, you can drink tap water, but it is better to quench your thirst with all the famous and inexpensive Borjomi. Also in Georgia are popular mineral waters like Likani, Mitarbi, Nabeglavi and others.
  • Portions in national cafes are large, so do not order everything  immediately ?
  • Almost all adults in Batumi speak Russian, young people speak English.

Tour Plan


Day 1: Batumi

Arrival in Batumi. Transfer from the airport. Accommodation at the hotel. Most of the buildings in the city dates back to the XIX century. The architecture of many buildings in the city center can be seen «Italian track» Along with traditional Georgian flavor. Free evening. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 2: Batumi – the city tour.

Old Batumi. Growth and development of modern Batumi began in Porto Franco period in XIX century and continued more rapidly later on. Batumi, with its first rank port and well developed industry held a significant place in Georgia and the Caucasus as one of the most important transit and industrial centers. In 1903 29 factories functioned here. A lot of European commercial and industrial companies such as, “O.F.Gillard”, “Siemens and Halske”, “Schuft and Zimmerman”, “Varneke and Company”, ”Nobel Brothers” were doing their business in Batumi. Visit Georgian Alphabetic Tower – 130 m tall, the aim of the tower is to introduce the unique and rich culture of the country to the world. Batumi Sea Port – the largest port of Georgia and it serves as the significant oil exporter point. Batumi Seaside Boulevard – one of the charms of the city, established in 1881. It stretches along the seashore like a green line. Its length is about 1,5 km. St. Barbara’s Church – located close to Batumi Boulevard, built by British troops. The hospital remained during the communist regime. “6 May Park“ and the Nurigeli Lake. “6 May Park“ is one of the charms of Batumi. The Park is situated around the Nurigeli Lake. Holy Mother Virgin’s Nativity Cathedral. In XIX century the famous Georgian catholic benefactors, Zubalashvili brothers, built a cathedral. Today it is known as a Holy Mother Virgin’s Nativity Cathedral. Sculpture of Love “Ali and Nino”. The Love statue which was built on the Coast in Batumi Seaside Park, based on one of the best seller novel of Kurban Said. The height of the statue is 9 m and it weighs 7 tons. Visit One of the major tourist sightseeing – «Batumi Piazza» fully implemented in the Italian style. This is a small area, where are located several restaurants and small boutique hotels. Every corner of the city is different. Musical fountain – in the Sea Side Park every evening offering the visitors classical and national music. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 3: Batumi

Free day in Batumi. Option: visit famous Botanical garden. Batumi Botanical Gardenoverlooks the Black Sea and is one the largest and richest botanical gardens in the world. Located 9km north of Batumi at Green Cape and contains thousands of beautiful species of plants. Not included in the price. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 4: Batumi-Tbilisi

Free day in Batumi. Option: visit Batumi Dolphinarium. Batumi dolphinarium presents to its guests the new interactive show. It includes about 30 acts: three dances, playing with rings and balls, balancing on the tails, unforgettable Foot Push and many other new and old stunning moments. There is also a surprise waiting for the guests – the most active ones will have the opportunity to try themselves as dolphin trainers. The dolphin demonstration program is an educational performance with the elements of the show which is conducted in any weather conditions. The show, in which eight dolphins participate, is performed in 3 languages – Georgian, English and Russian. The spectators leave the dolphinarium full of positive emotions. Due to the increase in the number of the people interested in seeing the show, in the summertime Batumi dolphinarium conducts three shows per day. Entrance fee from $7. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 5: Batumi

Free day in Batumi. Option: visit Trinity church and Gonio castle.

Sameba Church in Batumi

The Church of the Holy Trinity is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. From the mountain opens an indescribable view of the Black Sea, the city of Batumi, from the south-west side to the Chorokh river. Gonio – It was a well-fortified Roman city. First mention of the fortress is found in the 1rst century! .. The more surprising is that it is preserved and open to visitors. Not included in the price – upon request. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 6: Batumi

Free day in Batumi. Option: visit Makhuntseti waterfall + wine tasting. Makhuntseti waterfall is considered the most beautiful in Adjara region. The water falls so breathtakingly swiftly that it is impossible to tear your eyes from the streaming ice water avalanche that runs along the slopes of the Adjara Mountains. In order to see this masterpiece created by nature, we must overcome the bridge path, and then we will see a delightful sight. There are many such special bridges, they were built during the reign of Queen Tamara and by her order, so that it would be convenient to approach the waterfall. Wine-tasting in “Adjarian wine-house”. You will visit the “Adjarian wine house” with an excursion and wine tasting . The Adjarian Wine House was founded in 2010, as a small winery of the chateau type. It was built in the most beautiful corner of Adjara, near the Adjaritskali River, on the ruins of a wine factory that existed in Adzharia in the 18th century. Not included in the price – upon request. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 7: Batumi

Free day in Batumi. Transfer to the airport.

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