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About Georgia

Location: in the Near East and the Middle East, in the western part of the Caucasus on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

Area: 69,700 sq km

Population: 4,497,600 people (2012 y.)

Ethnic composition: 83.7% Georgians, Armenians 5.7%, Russian 1.5%, 6.5% Azerbaijanis

Capital: Tbilisi

Official Language: Georgian

Religion: Orthodox Christian 65%, Muslim 11%, Roman Catholic 8%

Time: UTC +4

Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 A; standard two-pin plug socket

Internet Zone: .ge

International dialing code: +995

Currency: Lari (GEL)

Georgian flag was adopted in 2004 in January. The flag, which is a white canvas with 5 red crosses, the center is St George’s cross and four equilateral Bollnisskih cross, located in the four squares. White color according Heraldry points to the wisdom, purity, innocence (purity), while red symbolizes bravery, courage, love and justice.

Official language and Alphabet 

The only official language in Georgia is Georgian. To communicate with foreigners adopted English. The majority of the population understands Russian.

Georgian alphabet is one of the 14 existing alphabets in the world. It consists of 33 letters.


At the moment, there are 94 countries for which Georgia is visa-free for 90 days, and Russia is one of such countries.

For the arrival in Georgia, you must have a passport. In this passport at the border will put an entry stamp of Georgia. From this point it can be found in Georgia 90 days, after which you need to leave the country – in this case in the passport will be stamped and visiting Georgian entry stamp of the country. You can leave the country and enter back, but in a period of 180 days you can spend in Georgia for more than 90 days in total.

Customs regulations 

Import of foreign currency is unlimited, national no more than 25,000 GEL. Permit the withdrawal of imported foreign currency within one year from the date of entry, a national – not more than 3000 GEL. The import of weapons and explosives, drugs, literature tarnishing the state system. The export of items of historical and cultural value.


The Republic of Georgia is located in the southeast of Europe and occupies the central and western part of Transcaucasia. It bordered on the north by Russia, to the east by Azerbaijan, to the south by Turkey and Armenia. On the west by the Black Sea. The territory of Georgia mostly mountainous, more than a third cover dense forests. In the north of the border with Russia passes through the main ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, where there are the highest point of the country, the highest of which is Mount Shkhara (5068 m). Lesser Caucasus mountain range runs along the south of Georgia, where the highest point does not exceed 3,000 meters. The total area of ​​69.7 square kilometers.


Georgia’s climate depends on the region. In the west of the country the climate is subtropical, and on the east goes from subtropical to temperate. Despite the fact that a large impact on the climate of the country have the mountains, warm air from the Black Sea and reaches the most remote parts of Georgia. On average, in January, the temperature is kept in the range from +3 to +9 C in the Colchis lowland and in Ajara, and does not drop below -2 C in the Iberian Basin. However, in mountain areas, the temperature can drop to -16-20 C, and during the long summer, the weather is mostly hot, and average temperature in August is 23 C – 26 C almost the entire territory of Georgia. Maximum precipitation occurs in the winter and fall throughout the country. Snow falls mostly in the mountainous areas in November and does not melt until late spring. The climate of Georgia is favorable for year-round recreation and treatment, the nature of a permanent pets plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Religion  Orthodox Christianity (Georgia – one of the first countries to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 337 AD), a very tolerant attitude towards other religions, there are Muslims, Catholics and others.


On the territory of the Republic of Georgia adopted a national currency “Lari» (GEL). One GEL is equivalent to 100 TETRA. It was put into circulation during the rule of Eduard Shevardnadze in 1995. In circulation are banknotes following par – 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 GEL. Also gold coins used in Georgia denomination 5, 10, 20, 50 tetri, 1, 2, 500 and 1000 GEL.

Can be used in major hotels and supermarkets VISA credit card, Eurocard / Mastercard and Cirrus / Maestro, private shops, hotels, and in the province pay them almost impossible.


The most popular resorts of Georgia are Batumi, Borjomi, Sairme, Tskhaltubo, and etc. In the capital city, Tbilisi, is very popular among tourists are the monastery of Saint David, built in the VI century, are also encouraged to visit the Sioni Cathedral, built in the V century. And, of course, the famous Georgian museums that will hold you dear history of this complex, but friendly people.

Water  Georgia is famous for its mineral springs. On the territory of the republic there are 22 main sources of mineral waters, the most famous of which are  “Sairme”, “Nabeglavi”, “Borjomi” and others. Georgia delivers its healing mineral water in more than 25 countries.

Georgian cuisine  Food for Georgians – is not just an ordinary meal, for some nationalities, and one of the most important parts of Georgian culture. Georgian cuisine has retained a certain traditions of its people. Many dishes of Georgian are meat dishes. Among them we can highlight dishes such as Georgian shashlik – “mtsavadi”, Georgian dumplings seasoned with aromatic spices pork – “khinkali” ham dish – “Lori”, Georgian smoked sausages – “kupaty” and much more. Oh, and do not forget dishes of greens! After all, the Georgians can not imagine a meal without fresh herbs – fruit and vegetables! Therefore, green is always present in any dish of Georgian cuisine. Special compliments deserves Georgian cheese. You can not imagine how Georgia loves cheese! As with herbs, cheese, use as an ingredient in practically every Georgian dish! The most famous cheese is a delicacy delicious cheesecake – “khachapuri” so well known to us!

Georgian wines

Wine – it’s something for which people around the world love Georgian food! Wine – a real national pride of Georgians! After all, it is here, in Georgia, there was a culture of grape growing and winemaking. This may indicate some of the finds made by archaeologists. Science has proven that even in the VI century BC, people living in these areas, producing wine. Georgian wine – this is something special! These wines are not similar to other countries in the wine. In Georgia, there are some tradition of this wonderful drink that each producer respect and observe. Unlike France or Italy, the wines are aged in Georgia is not in glass bottles and jars in the special – “kvevri”. Largely because of this, the Georgian wines have a unique and original flavor! Here are a few brands of Georgian wine – “Kindzmarauli”, “Manavi”, “Mukuzani”, “Napareuli”, “Alazani Valley”, “Akhasheni”, “Hvanchkara”, “Tsolikouri”, “Chkhaveri”, “Argveta”, “Kardanakhi “,” Hirsi “,” Psou “,” very “,” Eniseli “and others. If you have the chance, be sure to try Georgian wine! You will not regret!

The shops

Normally open from 10:00 to 20:00, a large number of shops and supermarkets around the clock. Fairs and markets are working seven days a week.

Georgian banks

Georgia, a lot of banks. Many Georgian banks work from 9:00 to 19:00 mode. There are, of course, the banks that begin or end time before / after this time, but the majority of banks in Georgia is working on this schedule.  Therefore, in Georgia is very relevant currency exchange. Many banks offer this service. In many cities, in addition to banks, there are special exchange offices. In the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi, in addition to US dollars and GEL in circulation are also used credit cards – VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro. Basically, they can be used in some luxury hotels, large stores or banks. In other places you have to pay in cash!

Photographing in Georgia

Tourists are allowed to take pictures in Georgia various attractions and other interesting places them, with the exception of airports, railway stations, metro and some Orthodox churches. Your guide will explain you for sure where you can take pictures and what not!

Buying souvenirs in Georgia

In Georgia, you can purchase a variety of unique souvenirs and gifts for friends. It is very well developed jewelry and handicrafts.

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